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The Inbound Marketing Funnel represents the Journey which the buyers go through from a visitor to becoming a customer. The Inbound Marketing funnel is the foundation of how all of your services that revolve around lead generation and nurturing them into prospective customers for your business. Using the Inbound Marketing strategy you can make sure that all your processes are in one direction that is not only attracting visitors but nurturing them into buyers of your products and services.

Stages in Inbound Marketing Funnel:-

Inbound Marketing experts separates the Inbound Marketing Funnel into three Stages which are given the names as:-

    • Top of the funnel (TOFU)
    • Middle of the funnel (MOFU)
    • Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

These are the three stages that the shows you the journey of your prospective visitors. The Majority of visitors will be at the TOFU and MOFU stages of your funnel and you are required to rely on the Inbound Marketing Strategy to nurture those prospects further down to the bottom of your funnel and turn them into you customers and hence promoters of your business.

TOFU ( Top of the funnel) : At this stage all of your efforts should be to attract more and more visitors to your business. T this stage the prospects will be in 'research mode' they will be searching for the information on the web.

As a marketer it is very necessary for you to create compelling content that is useful at the same time provides information to the researchers. These people may not be ready to buy , as they are in research mode , so focus on creating informative content that interests people.

MOFU (Middle of the funnel) : This is the part of the funnel where people starts showing their interests, these are basically those persons who see that you are offering solutions to their problems, they might be interested in product and services you are offering, but not necessarily from you. 

You should create interesting Landing pages, compelling calls-to-actions buttons, provide them tutorials, video, samples that compels them to share their contact information with you and thus convert into your prospective leads.

BOFU (Bottom of the funnel) : Once they have converted them into leads. This is the part of the of the funnel where those visitors will become your potential buyers- 'who are ready to buy your product and services' you are required to focus on converting those leads into your customers and buyers.

You can give them offers, free trials, demos that appeals them to buy from you and avail your services and thus becoming your potential customers.

Thus, the Inbound Marketing funnel shows us the buyers journey from a visitor to the potential buyer of product and services.

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